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Truck Mounted; carpet cleaning

Is the most effective hot water extraction system available on the market. The truck mounted equipment is all high powered pressure pumps and with positive displacement vacuum blowers. This unit has heat hot as 230° degrees with unbelievable suction power, heat kills bacteria and germs. Heat and suction are two key elements in cleaning carpet. Quick dry time, will have your customer’s satisfied.

Portable Extraction; carpet cleaning

The steam extraction system is based on injection of a jet of hot water containing detergents at a prescribed rate and subsequent extraction by a vacuum system. Most portable extractors utilize electric centrifugal vacuum systems. Many sizes of electric vacuum systems are available and are rated by airflow and lift potential. The design of equipment, both truck-mounted and portable will vary. However, the principle remains the same.

Dry; carpet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is commonly referred to as dry carpet cleaning system. Although not completely dry, Bonnet cleaning is considered a low moisture carpet cleaning system. Bonnet cleaning is accomplished by spraying a detergent/solvent solution over the face of the carpet pile. Following spraying, the carpet is buffed with absorbent pads attached to a floor machine. The carpet soil is absorbed into or absorbed onto the pads. The pads are turned over, changed or rinsed when they quit absorbing soil.

RX20: Rotary Jet Extraction

A mechanized floor tool developed by Hydra Mater Corporation that employs revolving (spinning)-solution injection jets, in conjunction with extracting hoses. This unit is capable of injecting and extracting solutions with extreme uniformity. RX20’s are commonly used with truck mounted systems. The primary use is to increase agitation and reduce fatigue factors.

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