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How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

The average dry time is 2-24 hours depending on the fiber and degree of soiling. If carpet was treated with a protector, allow 24 hours for curing. Increased air circulation will aid your carpet in drying

How long should I stay off my carpet?

It is best to stay off damp carpet as much as possible to avoid soil tracking and to allow the pile to dry in its “up” position. Try to stay on the runner paper provided as much as possible. If you walk directly on the damp carpet, is best not to wear shoes.

When can I have my furniture on my carpet?

It is ok to move your furniture back in place after 4 hours of dry time. However, foil squares and blocks found under your furniture should be left in place for 48-72 hours until the carpet is totally dry.

How often should I clean my carpet?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning every 6 months to 1 year between cleaning service. But this depends on foot traffic. Some businesses and homes may need carpet cleaning service one a month or every 3 months, depending on traffic lanes and various soiling areas.

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

This will depend on the cleaning method. It also will depend on how skilled is your service technician. But average carpet cleaning service will be from 1-4 hours. This will depend on how large or small is the area that you are having cleaned.

How to get rid of pet smell in my carpet?

Most pet odor can be removed with emulsifier detergent and hot water extraction with carpet deodorizer. If urine is present carpet will need to be sprayed with an enzyme to kill active bacteria.

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

It is recommended that carpet should be vacuumed 2 or 3 times a week. This will help prevent fiber damage in traffic areas. It will also slow down the soiling in your carpet.

How to get rid of fleas in my carpet?

It has been recognized for some time that Malathion, used professionally indoors for flea control, with pesticides on nylon carpets the color change is usually limited to the baseboard area except where an overall misting is used for flea control.

What is the difference between a spot and a stain?

There is quite a difference between a spot and stain. A spot is a soluble substance that can easily be removed in a normal cleaning operation. A stain is a substance that has altered or dyed a carpet or fabric and may not be entirely removable in the normal cleaning operation and requires special treatment. Stains lighter than the carpet or fabric will be very difficult or impossible to remove due to dye loss.

Will my spots reappear after carpet dries?

The most common causes are; soft drinks with sugary syrups, oily substances detergents, or soaps which dry waxy, NVDS improperly rinsed. These spots can always be corrected by removing the sticky source. This may require extensive rinsing followed by a transfer medium.

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